Research/writing your family history

Family history is popular these days for the simple reason that people researching their past have access to numerous online resources. It only takes a few ‘clicks’ to start compiling birth and death dates, occupations and other basic facts about ancestors. Even so, these family trees don’t actually tell your family’s personal story, imaginatively recreating the past in narrative form.

Perhaps your ancestors worked in the Welsh coal mining industry at the end of the 19th century. How did they live and work? What kind of home would they inhabit? What did they eat and drink? What kind of clothes did they wear? Who would they socialise with and what were the local politics of the day? Family history involves more than bald facts and figures. The reason why you want to know your family’s history is because you are looking for a story. You want to know the tale… the narrative… the colourful tapestry of your ancestors. You’re looking for the whole picture, not just the known facts.

We’re offering to research into facts about your family’s background and then write your family’s story. Take the ABC pointers in the past and imaginatively turn them into a narrative. From your first known forebear to your family today, we will create your family’s personal story. By ‘imagination’ that doesn’t mean fiction – we stick closely to known facts about the past – but our intention is to paint a picture in words about your family’s past.

The process, once the project is agreed, involves talking to you about your family’s background. We will research back in time, using our own access to online resources, and note down facts. The second state of research then involves looking into the social-economic and cultural conditions and geographical/historical locations. A narrative then starts to form over time. We will keep you updated on the progress of the project and a first draft of the E-book will then be sent to you for approval. If you want a printed version, that can be arranged at an additional cost. Relevant historical photos will be included alongside the written content, as appropriate. We love family history research and we love creative writing – and the service offered to you is entirely bespoke. The end result will be a family history guide, so that you and other members of your family can glimpse through a window into the past, and read what life was really like for your personal ancestors.

The final E-book will not have a word count per se, depending on your budget, but the invoice sent will reflect our reasonable charge of 3p (GBP) per word. That equates to £300GBP per 1,000 words. Remember… this is the fee for the E-book. Research for the project, preparing for your family story, incurs NO charge!

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Guided Family History Tours

An additional service offered is a personal guided tour to sites of interest about your family’s history. Did your great-uncle die during a battle on the Western Front in Belgium in the First World war? Would you like to visit his grave and see where he fought? Was your great great grandmother a housekeeper in a manor in southern England? Would you like to visit the site? If you want to visit a particular site of personal interest to your family history, we are experienced in tour escorting and our own family history involves tour operating. We can arrange a bespoke guided tour following a tailor-made itinerary to entirely suit your interests. Prices quoted will involve accommodation, food and personally escorted visits to sites of interest, helping you to make sense of your past. Please contact us to further discuss your ideas: